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Conoil Scores Another First With Okada Golden Super Oil

Nigeria’s frontline petroleum products marketer Conoil Plc, recently came under the spotlight in the automobile sector with its launch of a new brand of lubricant called Okada Golden Super, a new engine manufactured by the company specially for motorcycles and tricycles.

The first of its kind in Nigeria, the new lubricant underlines the public perception of company as a pathfinder in the downstream industry in view of its various unique initiatives. For example, the company raised the bar in fuel retailing with its trail-blazing, world-class mega stations. It is also the first oil marketer in Nigeria to introduce the high-tech fuel dispensing equipment called non-space (overhead) pumps.

The latest introduction of Okada Golden Super to the market took place at the Conoil Mega Station in GRA Ikeja, Lagos, at an impressive ceremony, which attracted a large crowd. Hundreds of commercial motorcyclists, popularly known as Okada riders, thronged the venue, as they took time off their daily routine of ferrying passengers across the Lagos metropolis and its environs, to witness the launch and get first-hand information about the new oil.

According to Conoil’s Head of Lubricants business, Mr. George K. George, Okada Golden Super is the first engine oil in Nigeria that is manufactured specially for motorcycles and tricycles. He said that unlike regular engine oils, Okada Golden Super 4T prevents clutch slippage and power loss, which in turn translates to higher fuel efficiency and helps to save money.

“This is another first class quality product from Conoil. It is specially developed to meet the special requirements of motorcycles and tricycles, which have become an integral part of the transportation system in the country,” he said.

To put George’s claims to test, officials drained the oil from one of the hundreds of motorcycles brought to the event and then refilled it with the new Okada Golden Super. The crowd burst into deafening applause when the engine roared into life at the very first kick, with smoother sound and without smoke.

Explaining the crowd’s reaction, an elated Unit chairman, Okada Riders Association, Agege, Lagos, Mr. Kelechi Nwadinma, said: “That the engine picked up at just one try after pouring in Okada Golden Super shows that the oil is very good. We know this from experience. It is a thing of joy for Okada riders when our motorcycles start without stress or delay, because time is important to our business.”

Nwadinma also pointed out that the motorcycle used in the demonstration did not billow smoke from its exhaust. “It is another source of joy for operators and a key reason to make the oil the preferred choice. The lack of smoke means fuel efficiency in the bikes, thus saving operators costs.”

Speaking on behalf of Conoil dealers concerning his projections for the new product, Mr. Wale Adeleye, the Dealer of Conoil Mega Station, Ikeja, asserted that Okada Golden Super promised to be a delightful product that would take the market by storm, judging from the instant impression it had on the end-users present at the launch.

Perhaps the most significant of remarks made at the launch were those of the Unit Commander, Lagos State Command of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Mr. Joseph Ojerinde, who showered praises on Conoil for introducing the new lubricant, which he described as environment-friendly. He commended the company for partnering with the FRSC and the Federal Government in the war against environmental pollution.

Hear him: “With the introduction of the Okada Golden Super, Conoil has enlisted in the ongoing fight against depletion of the ozone layer. By this, Conoil has done a lot to help the Nigerian society reduce disease and heart problems by reducing excessive smoke coming from thousands of motorcycles that now ply our roads.”

Following the Lagos event, the new lubricant has also been launched in the company’s strategic business locations across the country, during which customers were showered with promotional items, including branded shirts and reflective jackets.
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