What do the terms PMS, AGO, HHK and ATK stand for?

PMS means Premium Motor Spirit, which in common parlance is generally referred to as petrol. AGO is the short form of Automotive Gas Oil, popularly called diesel. HHK is household kerosene for domestic use, while ATK stands for Aviation Turbine Kerosene, which is also known as Jet A1 of aviation fuel. It is the fuel used to power aircraft.

What is gasoline?

Gasoline is the fuel designed for spark-ignition internal combustion engines. Conventional gasoline is a mixture of compounds, called hydrocarbons, derived from petroleum crude plus a small amount of a few additives to improve its stability, control deposit formation in engines, and modify other characteristics.

Why do I have to change my oil regularly?

One of the main functions of oil is to protect your engine from wear and tear arising from excessive heat. Engine pistons move up and down thousands of times per second generating enormous amounts of heat. So if oil is not changed as at when due, its ability to dissipate heat is reduced, thereby causing costly damage to bearings, seals and rings. Regular oil change is imperative, especially if you make more frequent, shorter trips with stop-and-go driving.

How often must one change oil?

This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer because different engines have different oil viscosity requirements. To know what applies to you, it is advisable to consult your owner's manual. Fresh motor oil like Quatro and Golden Super, cools, seals and lubricates your engine to help prevent contaminants and prolong engine life, keeping your car at peak performance.

Why should I buy Conoil lubricant brands?

Harmful deposits are constantly attacking your engine’s precious metal components, creating friction and robbing your engine of performance and fuel economy. So you can protect your engine by using any of the Conoil lubricant brands.

They are specially formulated to guarantee all-year-round protection, high-level performance and superior fuel economy for your car. As a mark of excellent quality and world-class standard, the Quatro brand carries the Donut symbol of the American Petroleum Institute (API), which is a globally accepted symbol for top quality engine oil.

Which other brands can be found in the Quatro and Golden Super product range?

Quatro range of products includes Quatro Ultra and Quatro Premium for petrol engines, while the diesel engine range comprises Quatro HDX Turbo 15W-40 and Quatro HDX 40. Ultra and Premium are available in both four-litre packs and 209-litre drums, while HDX 40 and HDX Turbo are in four-litre cans, 25-litre cans and 209-litre drums. There is also Quatro Gel is for gearboxes.

Golden Super is available in one-litre, four-litre, 25-litre packs and 209-litre drums, all of which are tamper-proof to protect them from adulteration. The different grades of the product include Golden Super Motor Oil and Golden Super Plus, which are suitable for gasoline engines and Golden Super Diesel for diesel engines. There is also Golden Super 2T for two-stroke gasoline engines.

Apart from Conoil stations, where else can one buy Quatro or Golden Super?

In addition to the company’s various retail outlets, Conoil lubricants are sold by authorised distributors and duly accredited resellers in major cities and towns across the country.

Is it proper to use the same gear oil for both manual and automatic transmissions?

No, manual and automatic transmissions use different fluids. Conoil gear oil can be used for manual transmissions, but automatic transmissions require specifically-designed fluids which operate under hydraulic pressure. In any case, both transmissions need to have their oil and fluid changed regularly. By following the service schedule in your owner's manual and using high quality products like Conoil brands, you are guaranteed maximum service life and optimum performance of your car's transmission.

What can I do to get better fuel economy?

Good fuel economy is a combination of good vehicle maintenance and sensible driving. Good maintenance entails a properly tuned engine, with a clean air filter, well aligned and balanced front wheels and tyres with the correct air pressure. Sensible driving involves smooth, steady acceleration; driving at moderate speed on the highway; avoiding overloading and excessive use of the air conditioner; and not leaving the engine idling (especially in stop-and-go traffic) rather than turning it off.